Marketing Partners

Enhancing the atmosphere of realism of the city of KidzMondo depends heavily on partnerships with esteemed AAA (triple A) companies and brands which are anchors on the development and growth of the city.
For every child-sized establishment, one, and only one, leading brand is chosen exclusively to represent its industry. No two partners are ever chosen to represent the same category or industry. For instance, the bank at KidzMondo is not a generic bank, but a miniature Bank Audi, and no other bank brand is found on the city's premises. The airline operating flights is none other than MEA, and the burger shop establishment is represented by Burger King, not to mention all 80 brands at KidzMondo.

KidzMondo provides a one-of-a-kind marketing channel that is more encompassing than traditional media for its marketing value. Brand messages are incorporated into daily life to allow children to experience various products and services provided by the different esteemed brands. KidzMondo also promotes interactive qualitative marketing, where children experience the sponsors' products with their five senses: the children see, smell, touch, taste, and play with the brand. Since the children of today are the customers of tomorrow, they develop an unmatchable and long-lasting loyalty from a very early age and nurture it until they grow up. This demonstrates how partnering with KidzMondo bring about a long-term impact. In addition to that, children not only impact industries manufacturing toys, candy, or cars but they also influence purchasing decisions made my parents.
Become the chief representative of your industry at KidzMondo city and take a spot on our glowing list of esteemed marketing partners. Our blooming record of Triple A brand collaborators, along with our talented team of professionals, has proven the successful launch and prosperity of the KidzMondo project which is the first of its kind in Lebanon.

The following is a thank-you note from KidzMondo's chairman Mr. Ali Kazma to all our collaborators: "I would like to thank all of our collaborators, marketing partners and third parties who have opened their first outlets and additional branches inside KidzMondo for their continued support, without which we could not have launched this breakthrough venture. We promise them an exceptional journey that ensures the satisfaction of everyone involved and whose outcomes will definitely encourage others to come on board."

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