NRJ Radio Station

NRJ radio station is a replica of a real station where radio shows are hosted live by visitors on different topics.

Guests discover how a radio show is hosted by learning how to talk into the microphone, how to get a turn and what topic to discuss. At the end of this activity, guests will also be able to describe the job of a technician in a radio station. 

When NRJ Radio first heard of KidzMondo, we were immediately intrigued. Such an exciting facility was new to the country and the concept of an educational city for children fit perfectly within our philosophy at NRJ. Our ambitions aim to provide our own form of inspiration to the Lebanese youth through the best new music from around the world.

We›ve been pioneering the art of radio since 1979, and have always looked for new ways to reach our young community. Over the past three decades, we have acquired experience in the field of broadcasting, song choice, editing, advertising, and the technical requirements involved in running a radio station. We only use stateof- the-art technology and our studios are unparalleled in Lebanon. Such investments have paid off; recent polls placed NRJ as the country’s number one radio station. Through our collaboration with KidzMondo, we offer children the chance to experience what it›s really like inside a national radio station. When they visit NRJ at KidzMondo they will get a taste of all the different aspects that go into a radio broadcast, from speaking into a microphone to editing their messages. In addition to the technical elements, they will learn the proper job descriptions of a technician, radio host and producer and, most importantly, gain the confidence to host a show live on air.

NRJ is delighted to collaborate with KidzMondo on such a unique project with educational importance. We are delighted to have the opportunity to teach and inspire young radio enthusiasts in an endeavor that will give children their first real glimpse into the adult world. Knowing that future generations will be lucky enough to reap the rewards of this innovative form of education makes NRJ thrilled to be part of the journey.“
Mr. Jihad Murr, CEO
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