Bank Audi

Bank Audi is a professional bank model where guests are invited to understand how dealings proceed at the bank.  Guests learn how to open their own bank account, how to cash checks, and how to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts or ATM machines. 
When Mr. Marc Harb first contacted me back in April of 2011, he proposed the notion of Bank Audi as being the official bank within the KidzMondo theme park. Considering that the KidzMondo concept is the first of its kind in the nation, Bank Audi has never had the opportunity to contribute so much to the development of our young people, so we were naturally quite excited about the potential such a collaboration would bring to both of our brands.

As part of our sponsorship agreement with KidzMondo, Bank Audi will be operating a replica branch within the park, from which all the economic activity for the KidzMondo city will originate. Visiting children will be able to cash the checks they receive upon entering to obtain the park’s currency, the Kidlar. Children will also be able to learn more about the world of banking, finance and fiscal management through other available transactions, such as depositing the Kidlars they earn throughout the park for future purchases. Inside our KidzMondo branch, we’ll also have a lifelike vault section, to sensitize kids to the important role of banks in real life.

As any local parent could tell you, Lebanon lacks variety of avenues for children to be entertained and educated at the same time. The concept behind KidzMondo is unique, as it enables children to learn about real life issues while still having fun. I strongly believe in the future success of this project, and in our collaboration plans. Given the uniqueness of the idea and its likely success, this project has justifiably attracted all the biggest, and most recognizable brands in Lebanon, and we’re happy to be part of this venture.
Ramzy Abou-Ezzeddine - Group Head of Marketing & Communication
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