LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki Fashion Boutique is a replica of a catwalk with a backstage, where kids experience the feeling of walking a runway in front of an audience. Kids are trained to develop confidence as they undergo the stages a real professional model goes through, from getting ready backstage to walking the runway, displaying good body language in front of the viewers. In addition to improving their self-esteem and learning about good posture, kids learn how to smile to the audience and how to match outfits. This activity also develops the guests’ creativity and sense of independence. Guests are trained to walk the runway. They get tips on how to behave on stage, and they rehearse with a trainer on stage before they perform in front of an audience. Before they go on stage, guests choose their fashion costumes from LC Waikiki fashion boutique, get dressed, and finally go on stage and walk in front of the audience as real professional models.