About Us

KidzMondo is a Lebanese concept designed to provide a complete solution for children, by offering a unique edutainment oriented indoor theme park created with the intention to amuse while simultaneously imparting knowledge. KidzMondo provides children with a relevant and tangible learning experience, appealing to the need to address and encourage interest. Children will be exposed to age-appropriate activities in a dynamic and safe surrounding, featuring a miniature-sized city replicated from the real world. They will be attracted to go through the different establishments, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration, and adults' role play. KidzMondo is a certified active member of the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) since August 2011. IAAPA was founded in 1918, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions represents the top amusement parks and attractions , in 93 countries, as a collective way to increase operations while maintaining professional standards. The IAAPA assists its members in the fields of: Safety standards Education and...     read more
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Pedagogical Approach
KidzMondo is a project driven by pedagogical fascination, focusing on academic benefits for children as well as complementing school curricula.

We are reaching out to all schools in Lebanon and inviting them to join us in this exciting journey as we take our children’s education to a whole new world, a world for children making this revolutionary edutainment...
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Safety and Security
Because the safety of our young visitors is our primary concern, we have taken careful measures to guarantee their safety and make KidzMondo a 100% safe environment for children.

We have successfully managed to meet international standards for amusement parks by equipping the city with the latest technologies. Upon arrival, each child will be given a security bracelet called a “KidzBand.” It...
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KidzMondo’s constitution and its ideas of equality, respect for all, and the rights for self-expression and creativity are essential. As the children explore the world of KidzMondo, they will be learning valuable lessons in what it means to be a citizen “kidizen”, as well as civic and social responsibility, essential self-reliance, and fiscal maturity.
These lessons will stay with them well into their adult life, and serve to prepare the future generation for the tremendous challenges that lie ahead

1. All Kidizens are Equal and United in play.
2. Kidizens have the right to be Happy and Free.
3. Kidizens have the right to Explore, Discover and be Curious about the World.
4. Kidizens have the right to Express themselves and be Creative.
5. Kidizens have the right to be treated with Respect.
6. Kidizens are always Polite, Honest and Kind.
7. Kidizens have the duty to Respect others including their elders.
8. Kidizens have a duty to Help others where they can.
9. Kidizens have a duty to Protect nature and the environment.
10. Kidizens have their rights and duties guarded by the constitution of KidzMondo.
The Constitution in Video: