Boecker Bug Discovery

Boecker is responsible for pest control inside the city.
At KidzMondo, pest control is done over the main city as well as in specific establishments.

Guests learn about the different insects and are introduced to the different types of pest control. They then discover the responsibilities and challenges a pest control expert confronts and finally recognize the benefits of conducting a pest control.

When we first learned about the proposed KidzMondo project, we immediately wanted to be a part of it. Though we are an international company specializing in public health, Boeker has an 18-year long history inside Lebanon. We are driven by our company mission to protect healthy living and the environment at every level. Beyond our work in food safety and pest management, we have continually strived to reach out to our local community wherever possible. We currently work with over 60 Lebanese schools and 50 nurseries countrywide to provide services that protect our children from harmful pests and environmental hazards, while providing invaluable tools for teachers and parents to keep the environment where our children live and study safe from harm.

Part of our work involves raising awareness of the valuable service we provide our community. I strongly believe that partnering with KidzMondo is the perfect vehicle to extend our company message and develop stronger relationships with the community we serve, all while being able to provide a fun, and highly educational activity for children. The activity that Boeker will be sponsoring at KidzMondo is a unique blend of science and adventure that aims to teach kids the importance of environmental health, and teaches safety standards that they can apply in their own lives every day.

My interest in this project goes beyond my dedication to public health in Lebanon, but KidzMondo also speaks to my concerns as a parent. As a father of three wonderful girls, I am often frustrated trying to find fun, educational activities for them to enjoy. KidzMondo is perfect for both children and parents, and I am proud that Boeker is going to be part of something so positive for the children of Lebanon.
Michel Bayoud, CEO
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