KidzMondo and “Societé  Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce (SMLC) - Pepsi” are proud to embark on a collaborative journey together in KidzMondo, the revolutionary edutainment city for Kids. SMLC, Pepsi’s bottler in Lebanon for more than 60 years, will sponsor a replica of Pepsi bottling plant at KidzMondo. Not only will children get to take part in the bottling process, but SMLC will also allow children to experience the quality and the hygiene standards of its beverages.
As someone with multiple years in Market Development, it is my job to identify and develop attractive opportunities for growth while solidifying relationships with current clients and customers. For the past 7 years, I have been working with SMLC – PepsiCo, a major producer and distributor of liquid refreshment beverages in Lebanon.

I am confident that KidzMondo is not only an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with future consumers of PepsiCo’s impressive roster of products, but it is also a brilliant way at serving the community we operate in by providing solidly educational yet entertaining family fun. SMLC will do this by sponsoring a replica of a Pepsi Bottling Plant at KidzMondo, so children will have the chance to experience the fun and joy of producing the #1 soft drink in Lebanon, Pepsi! We feel that children will instantly identify and relate to our brand, and will enjoy learning more about how their favorite beverages are made, bottled, and distributed.

As a dedicated father of young daughter, I have always experienced frustration at the lack of suitable places and activities for our family to enjoy together on weekends and holidays. Beyond my appreciation of the marketing potential of the KidzMondo project, I strongly believe the idea is something that Lebanon has needed for some time. I am especially pleased that the concept is highly educational, and gives children a chance to experience the world of adults in a safe and responsible environment.

I am sure this concept will succeed on a national level. Moreover, I believe that this project will be beneficial to the economic vitality of Lebanon’s tourism sector as KidzMondo is poised to attract and benefit children and families from all over the Arab World. I wish the entire team at KidzMondo luck and lasting success!
Hussein Sannouh, Market Development Manager - Societe Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce S.A.L (SMLC-Pepsi Bottler)
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