LAU University

The KidzMondo University where guests earn their bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree after successfully completing the educational curriculum. When they graduate, they will proceed to work at one of the KidzMondo establishments related to their major.
LAU has been part of Beirut’s history since 1835. Our campus and curriculum have been shaping Lebanon’s leaders for over a century, instilling in them a commitment to lifelong learning and scholarship, and a set of values relating to civic engagement and service to others. We view partnering with KidzMondo as an extension of our mission to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

LAU will be the University of KidzMondo. I, along with Dr. Elie Badr, Assistant to the President - Strategy Officer for External Projects and Related Entities, and the members of the KidzMondo committee, will be overseeing the establishment of the space along with the academic material that we will be presenting to children. It is our hope that through this experience they will gain a greater appreciation of higher education and the importance of life long learning, and perhaps we will be meeting LAU’s future students.

I have nothing but positive impressions of the project thus far. I believe KidzMondo is a unique and innovative idea that is a clear departure from the classic entertainment parks, which have become a “thing of the past.” KidzMondo brings together constructive learning and entertainment and this is crucial for the success and mission of the park. I would like to congratulate KidzMondo’s administrative staff for this novel idea. I value their professional attitude and modus operandi and wish them nothing but success!
Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra, President
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