Car Repair Shop

The Hypco car wash a replica of an automobile repair shop where broken cars are repaired and maintained.
Guests are apprenticed as car mechanics, gaining insight into the trade’s practices.
The history of Hypco in Lebanon goes back more than 40 years, and we are proud to be a truly Lebanese company. Throughout our history, despite whatever troubles our country was experiencing, we’ve stayed true to our core Lebanese values and remained committed to the interests of our country as a whole.

Recently, Hypco has been aggressively trying to renovate our identity as well as our brand, without departing from our company’s original philosophy. One of Hypco’s most sacred business principles involves honoring our duties and obligation to the next generation of Lebanese citizens. Hypco strongly believes that our environment is our children’s inheritance and right, and partnering with KidzMondo is central to achieving this feature of our company mission. By sponsoring a fun activity based on our real-life products and services, we will be able to reach our nation’s youth directly.

Through KidzMondo we are able to introduce the Hypco brand while teaching kids important but fun lessons about science, safety, the need for environmental responsibility and conservation. Most importantly, the activity will be entertaining yet constructive, as we’ll be helping to prepare our youth for the future world.

Hypco is honored to be a part of this exciting project, and we strongly believe in the KidzMondo mission. Beyond my professional interests in the project, I’ve always felt that more projects catering to children are desperately needed in Lebanon. I wish KidzMondo continued success and am pleased that Hypco can be a part of its growth.
Bachir Basatni, Chairman
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