MEA airplane is a real airplane where guests work as either pilots or flight attendants. 

In the flight simulator activity, guests work as pilots, learn the elements of a plane, and to operate a plane at takeoff and landing. In the flight attendant activity, guests can  play the role of either flight attendants or passengers. 

Who of us as a child didn’t dream to fly? Didn’t we all, when asked about our future career, say we want to be pilots? This excitement about flying never really left me, and that’s why I’m proud to have MEA as part of the KidzMondo project. Our contribution will enable children’s imagination to take flight in an unprecedented fashion, granting them the chance to fly a MEA plane in the simulator, and be a part of the MEA experience from takeoff to landing.

At MEA, we’re devoted to offering the very best service both on and off the ground, while projecting a positive image of Lebanon to the world. In a sense, we are ambassadors of our country’s culture and hospitality in every destination we serve, but an equally important issue is to be ambassadors to the next generation and show our commitment to their future.

That’s where the importance of the KidzMondo project lies; in that it is not merely entertainment, but is also an educational endeavor that Beirut needs, just as children of the new generation need it as well, to assist them in selecting the role and career with which they can contribute in life. Accordingly, MEA chose to be a sponsor of this project and hopes it will succeed with flying colors!
Mohammad El- Hout, Chairman