Tinol house painting is a real house that is under construction. In this activity, guests become real painters and set out to paint the different parts within the establishment. Throughout the activity, guests acquire painting techniques and the necessary painting tools.
Since 1956, Tinol Paints has been manufacturing high quality paints and coatings. Over the years, its Research and Development department has created and developed numerous products that resulted in the present range of 500 types of decorative and architectural paints and coatings. Tinol’s products are developed with a clear focus on environmentally friendly water-based and solvent-free products, all incorporating the best European raw materials in compliance with the highest International specifications. Tinol›s corporate commitment to the community at large is translated through its active participation in many youthfocused initiatives nation-wide, and our partnership with KidzMondo is but one of a wide range of projects aimed at generating environmental awareness among Lebanese youth.

At KidzMondo our mission is to educate children on the importance of creating a green, colorful world. Through Tinol’s participation in this project, children will have the unique chance to learn about and use safe non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints; they will also be provided an excellent opportunity to cultivate their creativity by mixing and matching different colors.

Tinol is proud to be a part of KidzMondo as this hands-on experience will inspire our youth, providing them with an environment to learn, experiment and discover their potential.

We agree with Mr. Albert Einstein who said, «Play is the highest form of research.” KidzMondo provides a unique opportunity for children to actually experience and experiment with the various professions through play. This helps them cultivate their skills and creativity and draw a path to what they would like their future to look like. It may also promote in them the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) spirit that drives innovation and entrepreneurship in the modern world, together with a potential attachment to the Lebanese local industry.

KidzMondo presents a unique opportunity for our children to experience real life while having fun! So let›s help them create a better future full of enjoyment and colors!.
Wafa Saab, CEO
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