MTV TV Studio

KidzMondo and MTV are proud to embark on a collaborative journey at KidzMondo, the revolutionary edutainment city for children. Inside the MTV studio, children act out various television scenarios, help with the technical aspects (lighting and sound) of a studio, or direct the action from behind the camera!
It has been said that ‘Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate’. This quote is at the heart of MTV’s quest with KidzMondo in this grand educational adventure. Today’s society provides children with less of the healthy open-air activities our generation experienced growing up. Parents are forced to rely more on indoor forms of entertainment, such as television and video games. Our mission at MTV is to provide high quality, children-adapted content that includes both educational and entertaining features, so that parents and educators can feel more confident about the kinds of messages these programs are sending children. However, this can never be a replacement for real-time, interactive recreational centers that are essential for every child’s healthy development.

MTV is enthusiastic about the opportunity to take our programming activities beyond electronic media, and meeting with our current and future audience face to face, learning lessons from each other as we go along. Our collaboration with KidzMondo allows us to meet our younger viewers in a truly personal way, inside an exceptional and unique playground setting where children can develop their deep thirst for knowledge. Our studios have been pleased to host the biggest names in all fields imaginable. Today, we are ready to host our most important guests; the ones on which our future is based.

Television is spectacle. It is news, technology, creativity, culture and magic. Television is all that and more, but with this medium also comes great responsibility. MTV is proud to be part of KidzMondo’s official in-park TV station and will offer visiting children and teens the possibility of producing their own TV content on richly designed sets, sparking their creative genius as they go. With this initiative, we hope to bring the youngest members of society a little bit closer to our world, and maybe, just maybe, plant a seed that will grow into tomorrow’s TV talent.
Michel Al Murr, CEO
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