Burger King

Burger King is a hamburger factory where visitors learn to manufacture a first grade product following the best hygiene standards. 
The purpose of this activity is to drive guests to understand how productive they can be.
When we first heard of the KidzMondo project, we reached out to the people behind it. We wanted on board from the very beginning. We were already somewhat familiar with the concept, but we jumped at the chance to participate in this exciting opportunity for Lebanon. Burger King is already quite active in local schools and working with children, but this is the first time that we’ve ever gone into such a project involving other investors, and I think it just goes to prove how strong the KidzMondo concept is in terms of its branding and relationship marketing potential.

Our work with KidzMondo so far has been very smooth. The management team is extremely professional, and they’ve been working hand-in-hand with us every step of the way to realize our mutual goals involving our partnership.

Our activity inside the park is aimed to really transmit the values of Burger King when it comes to environmental and food safety. Through the process of learning to cook their own Burger King burgers, we hope children will learn more about our excellent standards for hygiene and the importance of healthy food choices. Burger King may be fast food, but it’s not junk food. We always strive to be healthy and maintain the highest quality of freshness. We’re excited that we can impart these values, while providing a fun, and satisfying experience in the process.

I would strongly urge any other investors to consider the potential this project has for companies in Lebanon. As business leaders we need to consider the coming generations. Reaching out to the younger generation now will only help us develop strong customer loyalties in the future – and a project like KidzMondo especially also helps us to reach out to our future workforce. KidzMondo is an excellent project for Lebanon in terms of its potential to develop children’s capacities and skills, as well as prepare them well to be efficient and integrated members of society, while at the same time preparing them for adulthood.
Mark Kallassi, Marketing Director of F&B