Liban Post Courrier Services

The Liban Post courier service provides package delivery and pick up services for the various establishments, as well as package control. For further inquiries, the post office employs a service advisor to answer all questions.

Guests work as couriers delivering or picking up packages to and from the different establishments.
LibanPost has been the national postal operator since 1998. Despite Lebanon not having the thoroughly established “mail” culture, we’ve truly grown to become part of people’s daily lives. Our vision is one that seeks to empower people by easing their everyday lives, and we strive to provide solutions for life’s everyday challenges. We currently offer over 100 different services, including: express and regular mail services, financial services, retail and merchandising, among others.

Despite our great success, we still endeavor to educate current and future generations about the benefits of postal activities. Our collaboration with KidzMondo is an important channel for this process. With KidzMondo we can teach the next generation how the post works, and expose them to the basic activities of the post as both a customer and an employee.

The KidzMondo concept fits perfectly with our public outreach goals; it allows us to more efficiently reach a much wider audience. Inside KidzMondo, children will be able to play the role of a LibanPost worker or customer. Children will be able to send mail through any mailbox located throughout the park, as well as take on the responsibility of delivering the mail.

We intend for the activity to be highly instructive, offering a chance to teach several skills simultaneously, including organization and visual discrimination skills. Children will also be learning important geographical orientation skills, as they need to understand and follow physical directions to deliver packages to waiting customers on time. Above all, children will be exposed to the concept of civic responsibility, and understand a bit more how important the little jobs that make daily life function are. Everyone at LibanPost, including myself, is thrilled to see a project such as KidzMondo launch inside Lebanon. We’re eager for the official opening, and we look forward to an enjoyable partnership with KidzMondo as they bring this wonderful city to life.
Hind Fadel, Marketing Director
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