Discover the City

Bottling Plant
5 Bottling Plant
KidzMondo and “Societé Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce (SMLC) – Pepsi” are proud to embark on a collaborative journey at...    learn more
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City Bank
8 City Bank
Bank Audi is a professional bank model where guests are invited to understand the different professions adults have in real life. Guests communicate...    learn more
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10 Vault
The BANK AUDI Vault is a replica of a safe-deposit box, where guests can work and understand the flow of safety procedures in the everyday working...    learn more
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Burger Shack
51 Burger Shack
Burger King is a hamburger factory where visitors learn to manufacture a first grade product after they grasp its production process.  Guests...    learn more
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Gas Station
21 Gas Station
Hypco is a real gas station, situated at the center of the car circuit, where passing cars stop to fill up gas.  This activity has a dual...    learn more
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Car Repair Shop
21 Car Repair Shop
It’s a replica of an automobile repair shop where broken cars are repaired and maintained. Guests are apprenticed as car mechanics, gaining...    learn more
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Emergency Department
65 Emergency Department
AUBMC hospital is a replica of an actual hospital, and it is divided into three departments: an emergency room, an operating room, and a nursery....    learn more
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Courier Services
16 Courier Services
The Liban Post courier service provides package delivery and pick up services for the various establishments, as well as package control. For further...    learn more
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18 Archeology
Coming Soon!    learn more
Insects Lab
10 Insects Lab
KidzMondo and Boecker are proud to embark on a collaborative journey at KidzMondo. Boecker is responsible for pest control inside the city. At...    learn more
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Painting School
28 Painting School
A painting school that allows children to have a closer encounter with art, in a fun and didactic way, experimenting different painting techniques.    learn more
Rock Climbing
17 Rock Climbing
On a real rock in the city, kids can experiment the feeling of a high risk sport, live a unique experience and fun adventure with the best climbing...    learn more
Acting Academy
26 Acting Academy
Children will be able to discover a play is produced, as well as participate in one and work as an actor, in addition to discover their talents and...    learn more
24 University
Opening soon is the KidzMondo University where guests will earn their bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree after successfully completing...    learn more
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Pizza Factory
52 Pizza Factory
Kidizens will be making their own pizza with Pizzanini!  Guests are taught the making process from A to Z following the highest hygiene...    learn more
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Flying Hotdog
47 Flying Hotdog
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Map Key

  • Earn Kidlars
  • Pay in LBP
  • Age Restriction (-4)
  • Parents are welcome
  • Pay Kidlars
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Height Restriction (+120cm)
  • Emergency Exit