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January 15, 2015

KidzMondo Soon in Qatar

KIDZMONDO soon in Qatar
Aura Retail Company signs a country exclusive franchise agreement with KidMondo to build a unique 8000 sqm children Edutainment Park in the “Mall of Qatar” in Doha.
KidzMondo, one of the largest indoor edutainment theme parks, will open in the third quarter of 2016 in Doha, Qatar. The exciting project will be brought to life in partnership with the leading Qatari conglomerate, Aura Retail Company. The agreement was signed in an official ceremony as KidzMondo announced the selection of Aura Retail Company as the partner for the “City of Education and Entertainment” in Qatar. Aura Retail Company have earmarked an investment of more than $25 million dollars for this unique children education and entertainment facility

The President of Aura Retail Company, Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat along with Mr. Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding and founder of the KidzMondo concept, signed the franchise agreement for KidzMondo Doha. Mr. Kazma stated that: “KidzMondo has always considered the GCC to be a strategic market for our innovative indoor edutainment theme parks. The expectations are for a great success as we venture into one of the most dynamic markets in the gulf which will provide us with global exposure given the growing internationalism of the city.”

The signing ceremony was held on January 28, 2015 in Aura Retail Company offices in Doha and was attended by regional and local media. Mr. Ramez Al Khayyat expressed his joy at launching KidzMondo in the ‘Mall of Qatar” in Doha, “We are extremely pleased to partner up with Kidz Holding and have the first franchise of KidzMondo concept in Qatar especially after its proven success in many countries. We are aiming to develop an area of 8,000 m2 to bring to our children the world's most exciting theme park and a new dimension to the understanding of edutainment.”

Kidz Holding has been actively growing its global reach and has engaged with franchisees in Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and other countries. The theme parks are benefiting from a growing need across the world for unique experiences aimed at children and youth that combine entertainment and education and thus KidzMondo’s approach of edutainment which is furthering the project’s success and appeal.

Sizeable investment of 25 million dollars
KidzMondo Doha, will require an investment of 25 million dollars. It will open its doors in 2016 in the “Mall of Qatar” in Doha city. It is the first and only “City of Education and Entertainment” in Qatar; with a total indoor area of 8000m2 and 350,000 expected visitors in its first year. At KidzMondo Doha, up to 800 children can play in a safe environment under the guidance of 200 trained expert staff.
After extensive studies into child entertainment and innovative education approaches, Mr. Ali Kazma developed the KidzMondo theme park and, in collaboration with a team of experts, created a new and comprehensive concept that seeks edutainment as the future of child rearing. KidzMondo is a wholesome experience in that all of the theme park’s activities are specifically designed to support physical and mental development, as well as to improve children’s self-esteem and confidence levels.

KidzMondo’s driving idea is to develop a small-scale city built for and ruled by children between the age groups of 2 to 14 who learn all about the complexities of the world of adults, including various professions and the value of money. This is achieved through real life simulated conditions under the supervision of highly competent educators. It has its own economy and even its own currency, the ‘Kidlar’.

KidzMondo Doha is expected to cooperate with more than 60 brands that will sponsor various activities in the kids’ city such as: a fire station, an aircraft, a bank, an oil refinery, a police station, a gas reserve, a solar energy plant, a supermarket, a beauty salon and barber shops, a gas station, food stops, radio and TV stations, a newspaper, a construction site, a house painting site, a hospital, a pharmacy, a driver training area, water and dairy plants, juice and chocolate factories, a bottle factory, birthday rooms, a university, a theater academy, as well as an arts and crafts workshop among others.