KidzMondo and IMG are proud to embark on a collaborative journey together in KidzMondo, the revolutionary edutainment city for kids.
30 years of experience in power generation and machinery, IMG technologies are proven to be the best, with its unlimited efficient services. Now, IMG is found to be a leading company in the world of Generating Sets. Its market stops neither at a border nor at an area. Its products occupy local, regional, and global markets. Our struggle in delivering the optimal services along with its robust internet-based feedback system guaranteed an integrity-based relation with our client all over the world.
IMG is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pre-integrated generators sets. Also, alternators, transfer switches and control systems are designed and manufactured by IMG.

IMG vision:
Our commitment in delivering superior services forces us to hold high qualified Engineers and Technicians together along with an innovative Research Center in order to achieve our ultimate mission that robustly sticks to the client interest.
When you need real power you can depend on us to deliver unrivalled reliability, using our best efforts to realize our commitments to the best extent.
Technical support:
We guarantee same-day answers, turnkey solutions, quick delivery, split-second start-up and a phone that is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.