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September 14, 2017

Launching of KidzMondo Village, a Smaller Scale of KidzMondo City

MADRID--()--Kidz Holding S.A.L. organized a press conference on May 10, 2017 at KidzMondo city, Beirut Waterfront to announce the launching of KidzMondo Village, a smaller scale of KidzMondo city, adapting the same edutainment concept, constitution, currency and targeting kids between the ages of 2 to 10.

A number of members of the press attended the conference which was commemorated by a souvenir photo that included Mr. Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding S.A.L. and the man behind the innovative KidzMondo concepts. Series of pictures and videos were displayed showcasing KidzMondo Village concept and design announcing the 5 first branches to open in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

Children between the ages of 2 to 10 years will take over the village management themselves in order for them to be introduced to the world of adults in all its aspects, including the different professions and the value of money, under conditions quite similar to those of our daily lives, all under the supervision of highly qualified educators. The city possesses its own private economy and currency, the "Kidlar,” which is the only currency in circulation.

Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding and Founder of KidzMondo Concepts, spoke about the importance of KidzMondo Village concept, framing it as part of a plan for future expansion around the globe. KidzMondo Village will be established in small cities with small volume of population enabling all communities to enjoy the KidzMondo concept. Mr. Kazma added: “In cooperation with a team of experts, we have developed a comprehensive concept that seeks to prepare the next generation for the future. Now after the success of KidzMondo City concept and its expansion, we have designed KidzMondo Village to cater to smaller communities giving every child the chance to experience the edutainment concept. KidzMondo Village will contribute in enhancing the physical growth and mental development of children, as well as to cultivate their self-esteem and confidence."

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