Gandour Chocolate Factory

Gandour factory is a model of an actual chocolate factory equipped with machinery to produce chocolate.
In this activity, guests experiment the work flow of a chocolate making process, discover how the machines function, and learn about the latest decoration techniques.
As a marketing specialist with years of advertising experience, I was intrigued by the edutainment concept when I was first introduced to it in Dubai. I was pleased to learn more about KidzMondo in Lebanon via Marc Harb, when he briefed us about the upcoming project and Gandour’s potential involvement.

We considered it as a natural progression in our marketing and communication strategies. Gandour has been in the market since 1857, and our interaction with our consumers (especially children) has been continuous. Enjoying Gandour products has been a childhood tradition in Lebanon, and our continued success depends a great deal on the nostalgic relationship we have with our customers. We aim to regularly interact with children during our educational visits to schools across the country. Nevertheless, we were excited to learn about the potential this project provides us to reach out to one of our core consumer groups in such an interactive way. This is truly the first professional children’s education project in Lebanon, which is reason enough to support it. But it is also a perfect mechanism to reach our core consumer base, as we explore ways of creating even more positive memories and associations with our brand.

Inside KidzMondo, Gandour will sponsor a chocolate/ biscuit factory, where we will be educating our young visitors on the process and steps of manufacturing the products Lebanese of all ages have come to love. In addition to that, Gandour will also have a kiosk where kids can use the currency they earn inside the park to purchase their favorite Gandour products. I think the concept of a children’s education park is very smart, and will most certainly be a popular destination for Lebanese families. Because the whole idea behind the project is to educate children in an fun, playful, and interactive manner, we believe that it will be a complete success, not only for KidzMondo, but for its partners as well.

Gandour wishes KidzMondo all the best in the upcoming project, and having experienced first hand how positive and professional the KidzMondo team are, we believe that this park will have great success and continuity in the Lebanese market for years to come. We are also fully confident that this success will help elevate the name of Lebanon and the brands of Lebanese investors associated with the project in this and other markets to come.
Rami Kobtan, Regional Category Manager - M.E.N.A.
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