Curled up with her favorite book, Ëena sits quietly while her brother Kozmo who is restless for adventure. Kozmo then finds himself at the entrance of the glorious Jeita caves and urges Ëena and their pet turtle, Leeloo, to follow. Once inside, they discover a glittering key at the bottom of the pool which Kozmo retrieves successfully.

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Curled up with her favorite book
Ëena says she has seen the key in her mythical book, and is convinced it was the key that would unlock a door they’ve seen in the ruins downtown. Once unlocked, the door opens up to reveal an ancient, forgotten city. Intrigued, Leeloo and the children inch their way forward. Kozmo falls into a hole in the ground but is rescued by a dog named Dogzilla, who has been the guardian of the city for so many years.

A fresh breeze sweeps past all four, and as if by magic, the city’s beauty is rejuvenated. Dogzilla invites all the children over to the city. From that day forward, the city has welcomed children with inquisitive minds and adventurous hearts to come to the city to learn, discover, and develop their talents.