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57 Aircraft
MEA airplane is a real airplane where guests work as either pilot or flight attendant. 

In the flight simulator activity, guests work as pilots and assume serious responsibilities such as ensuring the passengers’ security and securing a pleasant flight for all. Guests acquire skills to fly a plane and learn some of the elements that make up a plane (board, kitchen, first class, seats, etc…) and how to handle them combining theory and practice to create a real and exciting atmosphere. The activity involves knowing how to operate a plane at takeoff and how to land. The pilot takes off at Beirut and lands back by working the simulator and following directions carefully. 
In this activity, guests learn the responsibilities of flying, the function of an aircraft simulator, and the concept of takeoff and landing. Being in a pilot’s shoe and assuming his responsibilities, guests experience the sweet feeling independence and self-control.

In the flight attendant activity, guests become flight attendants. They learn some basic elements as well as general instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. Guests also have the option to perform the role of passengers. After getting a brief on what to do, the guests/ flight attendants stand in front of the first class row and go over the emergency scenario, explaining to the passengers how to behave in case that happens. As soon as they finish, they pass among the passengers serving food on trays. 

In this activity, children learn the steps and procedures undertaken on a real plane under normal circumstances or in cases of emergency. Equally important, they learn the importance of maintaining a friendly approach towards the passengers and providing good customer service. 

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MEA airplane is a real airplane where guests work as either pilots or flight attendants.  In the flight simulator activity, guests work as... go to page