Pain D’or Bakery

Pain d’Or bakery is a real bakery with all the necessary machinery and equipment to produce bread or pastry. Guests are invited to bake their own bread or pastry and to identify the making process as well as the different types of machinery and ingredients.

Guests will acquire invaluable skills which are sequence, order, and procedure. 

When Malco Group first opened its doors back in 1982, we were just a small company starting out. Today, one of our brands, Pain d’Or is an industry leader in its own right. We have been fortunate to enjoy a competitive advantage by merging strong values and industry expertise with immense investment into progressive technologies, allowing us to generate and sustain significant market influence. Despite our overwhelming growth and success over the past three decades, we believe much more is still possible, and these ambitions lie at the heart of our new partnership with KidzMondo.

Pain d’Or is persistently pushing to extend and strengthen our already competitive position within the Lebanese marketplace. We were attracted to KidzMondo after meeting and speaking with KidzMondo management team, and discovering the potential of this innovative and creative venture, now and in the near and distant future. Immediately recognising the industry potential of KidzMondo, and after being exposed to its inspired vision of the future, as well as its potential to create lasting and positive change for the Lebanese community, we were eager to collaborate.

Inside the theme park, we’ll be operating two activities, and one retail outlet. The activities include a mini-Pain d’Or Bakery, where children will enjoy baking their own croissants, cookies, or muffins. Our other factory is where Lebanese children can learn more about and contribute to the process that goes into creating everyone’s favorite snack, Fantasia potato chips. Beyond these, children and parents will be able to benefit from our conveniently located retail store where a variety of our ready-made products will be available for purchase.

KidzMondo is a truly unique amusement park concept, and offers the Lebanese community a brilliant and sustainable blend of education and entertainment. It is a place where the next generation can not only build relationships with potential future Lebanese employers, but also learn at an early age valuable skills that will benefit them both. The experience also gives prominent Lebanese brands an opportunity to extend the longevity of our organizations by building deeply interactive, personal relationships with the community that we serve.
Marwan Koussa, Managing Partner
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